What is blOKes?

blOKes is a registered community interest company (CIC) that aims to provide a safe, supportive and non-judgemental space for men to open up about their mental health, connect with other likeminded people and tell a #MaleTale. 


While conversations around mental health are becoming more common and accepted, there is still a taboo surrounding men speaking openly and honestly about their feelings. This is what drives us to raise awareness of the importance of men's mental health and through the brilliant support our of ambassadors and partners, we aim to help men from every walk of life to have a voice of their own.

Where does your money go? 

As a not-for-profit company, any money that is obtained through fundraising, clothing sales or donations is used to financially support our partners with mental health education, awareness and initiatives.


For more information about becoming a blOKes partner, contact us here.  


Company Number: 12958245

"The blOKes forum is a really safe space to be honest with yourself and others. It's been a great tool for me to open up about a topic I otherwise wouldn't."

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